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Now, about the cores themselves

We cast most cores hollow. This makes the larger cores lighter to handle, uses less material (another saving to you!) and makes them quicker to wash-away. The core material itself is virtually non-pourous, thus enabling parts that are hollow to be bagged to the open end, rather than 'envelope' bagging. This enables large cores, with relatively thin walls, to be autoclaved, as the only actual pressure on the core and laminate will be vacuum presure from the bagging.

Cores can be round, oval, square etc in cross section. We can cast them with metal bushes or inserts cast into the core to enable reinforcement to be attached during the lay-up process so that the finished part is locally strenghtened, again without the need for bonding as a secondary operation.

We can cast small intricate pipes for engine oil feeds etc, or larger diameter pipes for aircraft type ducting. Although designed and primarily used for aircraft ducting, over the years our customers have come up with many innovative uses for our cores. The following page will give you some idea of the uses our cores have been put through over the years.