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What we have is a system that will cope with most of today's cure temperatures, a system that will produce repeatable, accurate, high standard parts. We aim to cut your core making and core dressing time to ZERO! We will also cut your part manufacturing time, enabling you to make a lot more parts in a lot less time.

In this day and age, as most people find to their regret, cutting production times often means cutting corners and ultimately, cutting or reducing quality and standards. None of this is necessary when using our ceramic cores.

Our product will, in many cases, simplify your lay-up procedure, cut the number of hours per part in the lay-up stage and at the end of the day, provide you with a far superior and stronger finished part. In a lot of cases, 'secondary bonding' of additional pipes and outlets to composite ductwork becomes a thing of the past. We can enable you to make the part in 'one hit', no seams to be bonded, no weak points where one duct joins another, no fiddly jigs to place parts in whilst other parts are located and assembled.


The cores are cast in-house at our core making facility. We supply you, the customer with a finished part that can be removed from its shipping wrapper, released with whatever release system you use and laid up on straight away.

Once your cores are ready for lay-up, you can make as many parts as you have laminators, without the need for multiple tooling. Ten men can make ten parts simultaneously, its as easy as that.