Newmarket Farmers Market

Held from spring to autumn in the heart of historic Newmarket, the Newmarket Farmers' Market brings a taste of country to town.

Another longstanding client, Newmarket Farmers Market recently went through a re-branding exercise and needed their website to match.

The client came to use with the new logo and colour scheme, and a rough sketch of how they would like to see the website layout.

We worked with the sketches, and came up with a very colourful, vibrant and friendly design - just like the Market itself!

The website features very prominent implementation of social media, high visibility key information areas as well as method to provide great publicity for their sponsors.

The website is designed in such a way that almost all content can be managed by the client through the specialized self-management tools developed by Outrageous Creations!

This is particularly useful for the Vendors section, where the client can ensure this section is kept up to date as new vendors join the Farmers' Market family.

In their own words

For the last few years, the Newmarket Farmers' Market has desired a larger impact online. Outrageous Creations have been instrumental in creating a new site for the market which achieves this goal. The new site is the cornerstone and launch pad to all of our social media sites. Most importantly they have utilized some of our photos and created some great web visuals which represent the character of the Farmers' Market.

Dave Cooper

President - Newmarket Farmers Market