Content Manager 6

100% developed in house makes it adaptable; listening to our clients feedback made it easy to use.  Our CMS makes it a breeze for you to update your website's content whenever you want.

The Outrageous Creations Content Manager 6 is a modular content management system that has been 100% developed in house over the past 12+ years.  Initially created at a time when commercial CMS were prohibitively expensive and open source systems had yet to mature, it was first conceived to serve the needs of a client who required a simple system to manage an online store and the ability to update page content.  Now it is the powerhouse that provides the tools to our clients to update virtually every type of content.

You don't need to be a geek to get it!

Pick a page/article/product; edit the text; drop in a picture and click save.
It's as easy as that.

There's a module for that

Over the years, our CMS has evolved and grown dramatically based on the requirements and feedback of our clients. Today's version features a wide range of modules that have been created to meet specific requirements as they arose.  Some of the modules available include : 

  • PageManager
  • NewsManager
  • FAQManager
  • LinkManager
  • ProductManager
  • EquineManager
  • PropertyManager
  • ProjectManager
  • TestimonialManager
  • ModelManager
  • CalendarManager
  • GalleryManager
  • MapManager
  • AccountManager

Need something specific?

Because the system is 100% developed in house, we are able to modify existing modules to meet your requirements, or create entirely new modules such as the recently developed ModelManager which was created to serve the needs of one of Canada's top modeling agencies.